Sound Bath

Rialto Community Arts Festival

 ✨ Sound Bath ✨ Sunday 23rd June @ 6.30pm ✨

Relax – Reset – Restore

💜 Wind up your weekend with this deeply soothing and relaxing sound bath. Let your cares just ease and drift away

💜 All you have to do is lie on your back and relax while beautiful sounds are made by instruments played live. Sounds that will bring you to a whole other level of connection and nourishment

💜 St Andrews Community Centre Rialto, Sunday 23rd June 6.30 – 7.30pm, D08 H51F

💜 Places are limited and booking is essential

What is a Sound Bath?

In a sound bath you are ‘bathed’ in the soothing sounds and vibrations of different instruments that are played live in the room.

It is a passive form of meditation – all you have to do is lie back and absorb the sound.

Because the instruments are tuned to different brain waves, they bring about a sense of calm, clarity and peace.

The mind and the body feel relaxed.

When is a Sound Bath not recommended?

Because of the power of the subtle vibrations, there are some circumstances in which a sound bath is not recommended:

– the first trimester of pregancy

– if you have a pacemaker fitted or large metal plates in your body

– if you are sensitive to sound or have sound sensitive epilepsy

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